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Entrepreneur of the Month - Margaret Ross

Margarets' studio is located within Kean's Store Co. in historic downtown Mason, MI... This is where she designs and creates her jewelry using a mixture of metals, beads of all kinds, fresh water pearls, resin, wire-wrapped beach glass & vintage pieces.  Her Patented Multiple Pierced line of earrings is nationally recognized and her silversmithing techniques can personalize rings, bracelets and pendants specifically for you or a loved one in mind. Visit her soon for a joyful, personal experience of finding that special something for that special someone! 

Margaret compeleted the Entrepreneur Institutes' Foundations of  Business Planning, business plan development training in  November of 2007.  Margaret has been quoted as saying "The biggest thing for me was  the introduction to “people in the know” of specific areas of  business (large and small) such as: accountants, who can I trust?,  lawyers,…who can I trust?,…web design services,…who can I  trust?, etc.  Not only do you introduce business professionals to  us, but these people really are there to help fully knowing that as a  small business money is limited. 

The overall confidence that this  is attainable (referring to my own growing business).  The pace in  which the course is offered is do-able.  It wasn’t overwhelming  even though a lot of information was shared.  Even when the class  is over, networking opportunities still exist through Denise and the  Entrepreneur Institute.  Bottom line, Denise wants to see us  succeed.  She continues to keep us (past students) updated on  new resources available.  She recognizes that refreshers are  occasionally needed and welcomes past students to drop in on  ongoing classes to brush up.”  

Since that time she moved her business from her home to her present location in the Kean's Store Co. in Mason.  Margaret has embraced the Mason Community and has bulit her jewelry business to where it is today.  

At the Entrepreneur Institute's first Rise & Shine Breakfast, Celebrating Regional Entrepreneurship, Margaret was awarded the 1st ever Entrepreneur Institute’s Micro Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Visit her website today at to see what she has created. 

Entrepreneur of the Month - Margaret Ross